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Please read and review all details found here.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The non-refundable deposit fee will be deducted from your total price upon payment completion. This also applies to orders paid in full.

  • The deposit fee/full payment must be settled on or before the deadline, or on the date of ordering if this is a limited item.

  • The client is responsible for reminding themselves to check their emails. Updates regarding arrivals are always posted on social media, and clients are sent "arrival notice" emails beforehand. Personally reminding clients even after emails have been sent and social media updates have been posted are no longer within the scope of work of the Anilane staff. Failure to comply with the set deadlines and due dates will automatically result to order cancellation.

  • Once the orders are ready for pick-up/delivery, you are strictly given 7 days to complete your remaining balance, and another 7 days to claim your item(s). We do not consolidate goods, and we cannot store your orders after the provided claiming period. A storage fee of 50 PHP per day will be charged to you for late claims, and the item(s) will only be released after all fees have been settled.

  • For pre-orders, box and item condition cannot be fully guaranteed since they are all mass produced and are factory sealed. Anilane has no control over such, but the shop will provide the best quality items available.

  • Anilane will not be liable for items with internal issues such as paint defects, missing parts, loose seals, etc., since these are all manufacturer defects. Complaints will not be entertained by the shop, and they must be directly brought up to the manufacturer.

  • ALL details regarding the payment, and shipping/delivery must be read and understood.

  • Return/exchange will only be accepted provided that:

  1. There is a clear unboxing video with the waybill details clearly seen as well

  2. The product itself is still unopened.

  3. The concern was brought up to the shop within a 7-day period upon delivery to the client.

  4. There are evident damages, which are reasonable for complaints on the item.

  5. The item will be delivered to the shop's address (client's expense), and the replacement will be claimed by the client at his/her expense as well.

  6. There is still remaining stock for the item that the client wishes to exchange.

  • NO MONETARY REFUNDS will be granted.

  • ALL items are packaged securely with high quality materials. Should there be any concerns caused by the couriers, ANILANE will not be held liable for them. These concerns must be brought up to the courier.

  • Completion of pre-order transactions notifies that these have already been automatically agreed upon.

Email reminders:

Kindly also check your spam or promotions for emails from Anilane.

Note: ALL transactions and deliveries are strictly for the Philippines only.

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